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December 17, 2010
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Anime Girl TG

Nate was out in the garage working on his jeep when the roof exploded.  "WHAT THE HELL?" he screamed, diving under a work-bench as shrapnel and debris flew on the ground around him.  

The wall to his left began cracking up, and small chunks began falling away, exploding into small bursts of smoke.  


The wall vanished all at once.  Where the wall had once been, he now could look outside.

The sound of more cracking made him turn and look at the front of the garage.  It two had the tendrils of decay snaking up it.  As he watched, the top began to look fainter—and he could see smudges of white which didn't make sense.  Then, all at once, the garage door exploded.

Obviously he couldn't stay here.  He had no idea why the sides of his house were exploding, but he had to get out of there—and fast!

He ducked out from under the work bench, and began booking it outside.  It was a hot day, and the sky was bright and blue and clear.  His long black hair billowed out behind him as he ran, and his jacket fluttered behind him.  The glasses on his nose only barely managed to stay on.

He tried to figure out what was going on.  Was it a bomb?  Had someone planted bombs?

That's when he began to notice something weird, that he hadn't quite noticed before.  The houses on the right side of the street looked much brighter and glossier than those on the left side of the street.  Something else—in the distance, he could swear he could see a mountain.  There weren't supposed to be any mountains there!

Something flashed in the sky overhead.  He looked up, but it was moving fast.  That must be it, he thought to himself.  Some sort of stealth plane, bombing my house and dropping mountains.

He ran into the park, ducking behind a tree, trying to spot the flying object again.  As he held it, it seemed like there was something different about this tree, though.  For one, it was way bigger than any tree he could remember being in the park.  Second, when he glanced up at it, it seemed like he couldn't really make out individual leaves.  They all formed one big green mass.  What was up with that?

There it was!  It was like the thing had spotted him, and now it was shooting down straight toward him.  It didn't look like a plane, though.  Didn't look like a helicopter or a rocket.  It had a long, straight, brown back, and the head of it looked like it was filled with bristles or something.  In fact, you could say it looked a lot like a brush.  Like something a painter would use.

Whatever it was, it was coming for him.  He turned and began running again.  He looked over his shoulder, and it was right behind him.  "Ahh!" he yelled, and dove forward.  Still, he could feel it brushing against the back of his head.  

He hit the ground and rolled once, trying to assess the damage.  The back of his head actually felt okay, it didn't hurt at all actually.  But his hair definitely felt different.  Straighter, for one, and as he looked down, he could see strands of black hair on his shoulders.  "Huh?" he said, and looked up.  "OH SHI--"

The brush had made an about-face, and had just spun back around.  It slammed into his face, and he could feel WEIRD stuff happening.  His glasses seemed to get sucked up into it, and it felt like his eyes were growing.  "Baah!"  Chunks of his chin were sliding off, getting sucked up into the brush.

Then it was flying off again, and he rolled over.  The world suddenly seemed way different.  Now everything looked brighter; the sun seemed to cast softer rays of luminescence across the houses, as though they were all covered by a faint, light dew.

His hand went up to his chin, and he could tell it had been radically altered.  His jaw seemed to have sunk almost an inch into his face, and as his hand slid up, he could feel... well, his own eyes, so large now that they came down to where before there would have been the high parts of his cheeks beside his nose.  

"What's going on?!" he whispered to himself, wondering where the hell everyone else was in all this.  But there was the brush, coming around again!

He turned, and began running again; he was nearing the ponds in the center of the park.  Already, though, he could hear it coming in.  Hoping to minimize the damage, he dove forward, twisting in mid-air.  It partly worked, the brush only slide along his arm.

He sprawled into the pond, the water soaking into his black shirt and pants.  But not the arm that had been hit by the brush.  As he looked down at it now, he could see that his jacket sleeve for that arm was gone.  More than that, his shoulder was not as pronounced, his skin was softer looking than he remembered, and his fingernails were a shade of dark red.

He looked around.  The pond had a motif along the bottom, red spots.  He had no idea what he was going to do, and that's when the brush came back around.

The brush slammed into his chest, and then slid all the way down.  His clothes exploded in a poof of black smoke.  For a moment, he couldn't see anything, but then he looked down.

The light cast a soft reflection off his now damp stomach, so that his entire body had a soft glow to it.   His jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, socks—all gone.  In their place, was just a women's two-piece swimming suit  Of course, the top of his swimming suit looked appropriate—since he now had two, large women's breasts there.  The suit covered all the important parts, and was tied in the middle, with the top wrapping up around the back of his neck.  It didn't completely cover the center, though, so he knew anyone could look between and see the crack of his cleavage.

The suit had a soft blue color scheme, with a light flower motif, and it felt very comfortable.  Of course, the bottom of the swimsuit didn't look inappropriate.  He didn't need a closer look to check to tell that some of his manlier bits were now gone; he could tell by the tightness of the thong.  This didn't bother him as much as he thought it would; well it did abstractly, but his body itself felt great.  

For just a moment, the culprit zoomed down in front of him and hovered.  He could see it clearly for just a moment: it really did look like a giant paintbrush.  It had drawn him like this, that much was obvious now, although he still didn't know why.  But then it was gone.

Somehow, it was all starting to make sense.  As he looked out to the horizon, he recognized Mr. Fuji, with its snow-covered peak.  The town didn't look all that different, yet, but as he watched he could see the brush already beginning to hit the other side of the street.  Now that he had time to sit and look out, he could see other changes happening in the distance.  There was a buddhist pagoda in the distance, a nice tall one with a red and black color scheme.  

He.  Scratch that, he was now a she.  He had become an anime girl.

As she turned to look around, she felt a strange sort of familiarity with the place.  It was still similar to the town she'd lived all his life, but even the new buildings she'd never seen before, she nevertheless felt like she recognized.

As she looked on the other side of the park, a side of town she'd only rarely gone, she could see a three-story red-roofed building up through the trees.  It had large blue windows looking down, and something about the place made her realize that although her garage and home likely didn't exist in this world, she still had a home: something about it told her it was that building.

And somehow, she felt the world was about to get a lot more exciting...  
A story for :iconneito56: his OC [link] into [link] .

Part of an art trade :)
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brooksfromtheice Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Would like to hear more. Don't get me wronge, I am all in favor of anime boys turning into girls, wish it would happen to me, but, this story really doesn't go anywhere.
I coulld see if she met her childhood friend who now saw her as a girl or if she now had to go to school as a girl. But this story just stops. Nothing
Roxanne13579 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
"Nate was out in the garage working on his jeep when the roof exploded."
that's one epic sentence to start a story with xD
nice story ^_^
fakenameyfakenamey Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
I liked it too ;)
Roxanne13579 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
happy new year! ^_^
fakenameyfakenamey Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
You too!
CPUIceHeart Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
nice story
fakenameyfakenamey Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for leaving a comment :)
CPUIceHeart Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
sure np
Musicallover1234 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010  Student Writer
It's really interesting.
asdfaoeu Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
Reminds me of Mecchen House if the change had been more violent.
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